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Results of Energy Saving Questionnaire

Results of Energy Saving Questionnaire

In March 2014 a questionnaire was distributed to the parents of the children in third to sixth class.
22 surveys were returned.  
Some of the results obtained were as follows:

In relation to the length of time spent in the shower:
59% of those surveyed shower for less than ten minutes.

0% shower for less than three minutes!

27% shower for less than five minutes.
14% shower for more than ten minutes.

All of the houses surveyed had insulation, low voltage lamps and the hot water cylinder insulated.
In addition 14% of houses surveyed had solar panels.

In response to the question ” Do you fill the kettle to make one cup of tea?”
64% replied No.
36% replied Yes.

Some of the ways that were suggested to save energy without costing money were…..
1. Do not leave electrical items on standby.
2. Wear extra clothes.
3. Install motion sensors to automatically turn off lights.
4. Turn down thermostat by 1 degree.
5. Dry clothes on a clothesline or clotheshorse.
6. Wash clothes at 30 degrees.
7. Walk or cycle to work / school.
8. Close doors when leaving rooms.
9. Get boiler serviced regularly.

A lot of the questionnaires called for more advertising, awareness and information to encourage people to be more active in saving energy.

A number of respondents also called for cheaper ESB bills and rewards for customers using less electricity or sourcing electricity from renewable sources.

Thanks for your help in completing the survey.  It is much appreciated.

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